What are uniform scrubs and who wears them?

Uniform scrubs are a protective garment that most healthcare workers wear in order to care for their patients, residents or clients. The go to uniform scrub is a top and a pant. There are also lab coats, scrub jackets, arm sleeves and scrubs caps. Sometimes the material is waterproof or antimicrobial. When the uniform scrub is waterproof, it prevents bodily fluids from getting on the skin. When the material is antimicrobial, it prevents germs from sticking to your clothes; reducing the possibility of spreading germs from one person to another. This is important most especially when dealing with infectious diseases.

There are different materials that can be used to make scrubs. The first type we will discuss is the industry standard scrub which is a 65%/35% Poly/Cotton. Traditionally, polyester and cotton were the go to material for uniform scrubs. This material is a thicker material and can protect you when you're either in school or working in the healthcare field or both. The next type of scrub that can be used is a more softer material. It became worn because of its comfortability. It is a 77%/23% Poly/Rayon. In more recent years, there has been a more popular material. One that has been sweeping the healthcare field and has amazing reviews that is the polyester, Spandex mix. These particular scrubs feature a no iron, wash and go idea to where they are highest in quality and low maintenance.

Healthcare students and professionals wear uniform scrubs. They are instructed by their facilities to purchase scrubs before they start working. Now, other industries have taken an interest in wearing scrubs too. Teachers, daycare providers, and massage therapists have adopted the uniform scrub to protect themselves. People care about bringing home viruses and spreading highly contagious diseases in their home, to their families.

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