CNA Starter Pack

Thinking of becoming a CNA?


First, you have to pass your state exam which is not as hard as it seems. Here's some advice:

First, when you walk into the testing site, I know it can be nerve wrecking. You're hoping that you do well and you don't know what to expect. All you need to prepare is to practice, practice, practice your skills and just relax during the exam. You got this! Some people find the skills hard to perform during the state exam, others find the written portion hard. In regards to the skills, I learn the best when I utilize note cards. As long as you can recite the steps for the skill, then during the Certified Nurse Assistant exam, you will be able to perform the skill successfully.

After you pass the CNA state exam, you want to make sure that you can work. Contact local agencies and fill out applications. If you want to do home care, which is where I started, it's always good to be prepared. I went through this process and one of my biggest issues were making sure I had everything I needed in order to care for my clients(home care). Instead of running to the drug store for gloves and across town to the uniform store, this pack has everything you need to get started. When I began to work in a hospital,

I still kept my own exam gloves in my pocket at work because taking gloves home in your scrubs costs them money and can be considered a form of stealing.

I created this starter pack that is not only for CNAs but also for medical professionals everywhere.

This starter pack includes:

  • 2 scrub sets
  • 1 box of exam gloves
  • 1 pair of Ultralite clogs
  • 1 hand soap
  • 1 hand lotion
  • 1 Ambu Res-Cue CPR Mask on a keychain
FREE hand sanitizer is included with your starter pack!

Now, you're able to care for your client, patient or resident while using standard precautions. You're even prepared for private duty with this starter pack.


I hope that you have a wonderful journey on the road of Nursing.

Service, effort, dedication, compassion, integrity: These are the words that describe you.

Thank you for taking advantage of the healthcare professional starter pack and no matter how hard your day may be, please keep in  mind that:

"To do what nobody else will do, in a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through, is to be a nurse."

- Rawsi Williams