What Is A Mobile Scrub Store?

Hello Healthcare Warriors,

I haven't had the pleasure of writing a good blog post in a while but I am excited to tell you about a new local service that is being offered. Attention skilled nursing facilities in the tri-state area. I have taken my show on the road. Central Health Uniform is now mobile.

That's right!

We setup outside your place of employment during nursing home week, nurses week, CNA week, ect so that you can have the convenience of shopping before or after your shift. I have received riveting reviews in regards to how satisfied the employees were with the service I provide. No time to make it to the scrub store? Well, now the scrub store can come to you.

In the video above we were setup at Arden House in Hamden, CT. Although it was a rainy day, we were still able to service the friendly staff at this facility. I try to post where I will be on my facebook page. In fact, another event is coming up soon.

If you want Central Health uniform to come to your place of employment so you can experience the convenience of shopping outside of your place of business, please feel free to contact Nicole at (203) 572-5495

Thank you.


  • Administrator

    Yes we do carry compression socks in the store.

  • Nancy Hummel

    Do you carry compression stocking in your store

  • Nicole Daniels

    The website to order is www.centralhealthuniform.com/collections

  • Niomie Avery

    What os is the correct website I can goto in order to make purchases Thank you

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