Print Top - Forever Flowers

Print Top - Forever Flowers

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Introducing the Forever Flowers Scrub Top – a timeless infusion of floral elegance and practicality that adds a touch of charm to your work attire. Immerse yourself in the beauty of perennial blooms that adorn this scrub top, evoking a sense of timeless grace.

Crafted to seamlessly unite style and functionality, this garment ensures you make a lasting impression while maintaining efficiency. Personalize your uniform with a range of captivating prints, allowing your unique character to shine effortlessly. Engineered for enduring comfort, the Forever Flowers Scrub Top features premium fabric that keeps you at ease throughout your busiest days.

Elevate your professional wardrobe with the Forever Flowers Scrub Top – a testament to your refined taste and dedication to merging fashion with utility. Experience how this scrub top effortlessly combines fashion and performance in perfect harmony.


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Color 1180BL