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Unveiling Nurse Fashionista: Elevating Healthcare Fashion

In a world where personal expression often takes a back seat to professionalism, Central Health Uniform is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking venture – Nurse Fashionista, a scrub line designed for healthcare professionals who crave style without sacrificing comfort. The Vision Behind Nurse Fashionista Central Health Uniform recognizes the vibrant and diverse personalities within the healthcare community. With Nurse Fashionista, we aim to redefine the traditional norms of medical uniforms. This isn't just a scrub line; it's a movement to empower women in healthcare to express their individuality confidently. Introducing the Monet Top and Natalia Pant Our star pieces, the Monet Top and Natalia Pant, bring a fresh perspective to healthcare wear. Monet Top: Featuring lotus sleeves and a zippered...

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Enjoy Tax-Free Shopping on Clothing Items at Central Health Uniform during Connecticut's Sales Tax-Free Week

Central Health Uniform is your gateway to tax-free style during Connecticut's Sales Tax-Free Week. From August 20th to August 26th, enjoy the thrill of shopping for clothing and footwear without the burden of sales tax. Whether you're a healthcare professional seeking top-notch scrubs or a fashion-forward individual looking to refresh your wardrobe, Central Health Uniform, located at 201 Thomaston Ave Waterbury, CT 06702 and online at, offers an array of clothing options to suit your needs. Don't miss this chance to upgrade your look and save big!

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What are uniform scrubs and who wears them?

Healthcare students and professionals wear uniform scrubs. They are instructed by their facilities to purchase scrubs before they start working. Now, other industries have taken an interest in wearing scrubs too. Teachers, daycare providers, and massage therapists have adopted the uniform scrub to protect themselves. People care about bringing home viruses and spreading highly contagious diseases in their home, to their families.

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